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In today's business landscape, it is crucial for companies across all industries to ensure that the skills of their employees are in line with the needs of customers and the market. Human capital management can be optimized by eliminating manual processes and integrating various data sources for an efficient solution.

The transition towards a skills-based organization is underway

msg.ProfileMap captures the human capital within organizations and transforms it into a machine-based knowledge representation: The tool uses a combination of AI and Named Entity Recognition (NER) to analyze texts in natural language, identify items of information and establish relationships among them. Consequently, msg.ProfileMap creates a knowledge graph that maps complex correlations between entities, topics and fields of expertise. This graph facilitates a significant enhancement in efficiency for various tasks related to human capital management.

Perfect streamlining – The benefits of msg.ProfileMap using NLP

  • Align skills across IT systems and enhance visibility
  • Efficiently leverage skills for project needs and job roles
  • Maintain up-to-date connections between job roles, tasks, competencies, certifications, and training of employees
  • Create a platform-driven sourcing ecosystem for thorough searches
  • Shaping the path for digital transformation towards an agile organization