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SAP Dairy Management Applications in SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Dairy Management Applications in SAP Analytics Cloud

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As of now, the applications “ msg Activity-Based Costing Analysis“ and „msg Integrated Raw Material Plan Balance“ are available free of charge to all companies with a valid SAC license. The sample applications are intended to give potential customers insights into SAC’s reporting capabilities in conjunction with “SAP Dairy Management by msg for SAP S/4HANA”.

The new offer is also available in SAP’s App Center with detailed information. You can also contact those responsible for SAP Dairy Management directly via this channel.

msg Acitivity-Based Costing-Analysis: Benefits & Features

  • Discover your product costs
  • See the changes in production costs over the years
  • Cost by Cost Objects
  • Detailed Costs in Company Code Currency
  • Cost Overview by Activity-Based Costing Run

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msg Integrated Raw Material Plan Balance: Benefits & Features

  • Latest information about all raw material flows at a glance
  • Cross-plant overview
  • Balance mismatches with an integrated toolset 
  • Overview of the raw material and component situation in selected plants
  • Plan Balance – Raw Material
  • Plan Balance – Component

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