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Automated component assignment in production quality management


  • Up to now, quality managers have assigned components manually and/or using a simple, rule-based system. This approach ties up a lot of capacity and is also prone to errors, which additionally results in high costs for correction.
  • The company's goal is to automate components assignment in the production facilities. 



  • Automation of a partial process of the assignment using a decision-making tree:
    • AI learns assignment rules from past QMI component assignments that can be applied to new components.
    • The assignments are regularly trained with new data.  
  • Monitoring the automated partial process using KPIs to monitor the reliability of the AI procedure.



  • Partial automation reduces the error rate and costs for assignment.
  • Accelerated quality management process by performing the individual process steps faster.
  • Frees up quality managers to focus on the more difficult cases in the quality management process.

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