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Digital assistance systems
for insurance companies


  • High number of recurring and therefore automatable requests
  • Excessive workload on service employees leads to dissatisfaction
  • Long customer hotline wait times 
  • Long processing time for customer requests (even for simple business transactions)
  • Customer dissatisfaction leads to increased cancellation rate



The use of intelligent chatbots and voicebots as well as AI-based hidden agents eases the workload of service staff at banks and insurance companies and leads to a reduction in waiting times for personal requests as well as processing times for customer requests. In addition, recurring requests are channeled and answered automatically in real time. The hidden agent extracts the most important information (speech to text) in the background and records it directly in the (CRM) system. This creates a structured data repository and allows service staff to focus entirely on the call.  


  • The voicebot answers up to 80% of customer requests automatically
  • The remaining 20% are handled by suitable and available service staff via intelligent routing.  
  • Additional workload relief for service staff through hidden agent
  • Reduction of hotline wait times as well as processing times of requests
  • High customer satisfaction leads to increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Currently, more than 50 intelligent chatbots and voicebots are in use to sustainably increase satisfaction among service employees and end consumers.

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Philipp Ripkens

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