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Loss report simply digitalized


In case of accumulation losses, a large number of loss reports via phone prevents efficient loss processing. Poor availability, long processing and waiting times and a negative customer experience are the result. 


msg.InsuranceBot and Robotic Process Automation are the appropriate tools for this challenge. In the first step, msg.InsuranceBot receives the loss data: Either as voice message over the phone or as a text dialog via an app or website. In the process, the bot completes missing data and verifies the customer information. This reduces the error rate in the subsequent process. This paves the way for transfer to the target systems by means of an autonomously operating software robot. This fully relieves the workload for clerks in standard cases. 


The benefits are all yours: reduced costs, increased speed – and with little effort.  

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Ahmet Varlik
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Cognitive Process Automation

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