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Voice assistant and data glasses: Automate manual inspection processes easily


Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe GmbH (KTE) is obliged to undergo specified, periodic inspections on important components and parts. These inspections require a great deal of manual effort: Any data recorded must be laboriously entered by hand into a TÜV-approved and stamped protocol form. At the end of the inspections, the paper documents are reused and then archived. This process needs to be digitalized, simplified and accelerated for everyone involved. 

An even greater challenge for KTE, in addition to the industrial ambient noise, is the lack of connection to the outside network (due to the building design). Consequently, the solution must be able to communicate completely autonomously and operate offline. In addition, the customer should be enabled to model further inspection processes independently.



With the Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform (NEAP), KTE can fully automate and digitalize complex, manual inspection processes. The NEO app can be used on multiple devices and connects to an edge device via WLAN. The edge devices themselves act as offline servers and can be set up at several locations. All inspection data is stored on these offline servers during the inspection procedures and the corresponding PDF reports are generated. The NEO voice assistant enters the spoken values seamlessly in the correct place in the TÜV report. At the end of the inspection, a PDF document is generated that can be electronically signed. In addition, the values can be output to an Excel spreadsheet.



The NEO voice assistant facilitates the operation of the assistant via Realwear data glasses and guides the inspectors through the inspection process almost as if by themselves. With the help of the software solution from msg, the inspection processes are not only automated and digitalized, they can now also be executed much faster. The voice assistant also recognizes whether values are outside the norm and points this out. An exciting side effect of the support and use of NEO: the potential of CO2 savings for KTE.

Customer testimonial

“By using NEO and the electronic signature, we can completely dispense with paper documentation. Thus, the actual goal of successfully implementing an established voice assistant in our standard processes at KTE,, thereby driving the digital transformation of our company, incidentally became a major sustainability aspect.”

Ralph Lamprecht, Technical Officer to the Management Board, KTE

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Holger Hornik

Holger Hornik

Head of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics