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Control station application and meter data management for Erdwärme Grünwald


Erdwärme Grünwald supplies thousands of households in the Munich community of Grünwald and Unterhaching with heating energy from a local geothermal source. The properties are equipped with intelligent house connection stations that are connected to a central Network Information System (NIS) via a wired network. The existing NIS is insufficiently scalable and provides little to no historical data for the connected systems. 



  • Development of a new NIS that includes all the functions of the old system and is more scalable, based on the concept of the digital twin
  • By collecting and storing data, future energy consumption as well as failures can be quickly detected and the system can be further optimized



  • AI-based forecast of the district heating energy required and thus to be pumped leads to cost savings for both Erdwärme Grünwald and its customers
  • System optimization using advanced analytics methods leads to cost savings in energy and maintenance
  • Simpler administration of the house connection stations by means of a control station
  • Fast detection and correction of failures
  • Digital twin enables end consumers to use new services (e.g., day-based display of heating energy consumption or heating control) via an app

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