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Automated capture for customer requests in the energy industry


Several municipal utilities and energy providers are reaching the breaking point of their service staff due to the increasing number of recurring inquiries. This leads to long customer hotline wait times and long processing times for customer requests. The result is dissatisfied employees and customers, which in turn leads to a higher probability of the latter canceling their contracts. The goal is to increase the self-service level and to answer recurring inquiries (from FAQs to specific requests such as "report meter reading") automatically with the help of AI and to process them as quickly as possible.



The intelligent NEO voicebot is used by some energy providers. Customers can use it to report their meter reading, adjust their installments or arrange a callback. The voicebot takes the pressure off service staff during peaks and outside business hours. Other energy providers relied on the smart NEO chatbot. In addition to the 24/7 possibility of reporting a meter reading, adjusting installments or arranging a callback, it is also possible to request an installment payment, order a rate change, request energy advice, check FAQs or even initiate a cancellation.



With the help of digital assistants in the form of NEO chatbot and voicebot, end consumers can address their requests to the energy suppliers 24/7. Long wait times on the telephone hotline and overworked service employees are thus a thing of the past. Typically, the automation rate is between 70% and 80%. It is subject to various influencing factors, including which business process is involved, which and how many input channels are used or will be used in the future. 

In some cases, automation rates of over 90% can be achieved, which has a significant impact on customer and employee satisfaction. The smart NEO chatbot or voicebot take the pressure of your employees when there are too many inquiries, as well as outside of service hours (up to 100%). To keep customer satisfaction at a constantly high level, a seamless connection between digital assistance system and customer service can be established.

Currently, more than 50 intelligent chatbots and voicebots are in use to sustainably increase satisfaction among service employees and end consumers.

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